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Some are not forgotten

Some are not forgotten, but in the depths of being placed. In those years, those people, those things, how much we should bear in mind? Once beautiful, our time. 香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件召回-   And some people, some things, only in the hearts of collection. -   In those years, those people those things, is so beautiful. Simple smile, pure friendship, a simple OK ... nice! And now, now we, the usual greeting, are significantly so polite, no past taste. Perhaps now we do not know enough about each other; maybe we're all in each other's way lost myself, we all had not previously own 香港牛栏奶粉2013召回事件... there are too many perhaps let us become familiar with the familiar we are gone, and I I do not know how much our mind our common simple smile, how much of our common good picture ... I do not know, you do not know, I do not know, I was afraid of those beautiful pictures to see the sun after the floating basking ...香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件-召回速度惊人